Mylos Restaurant




SINCE 1960

“O Mylos tou Kerata” is one of the oldest restaurants of Crete. It is located in Platanias Chanion at a distance of 11km from the city of Chania, on the main road headed to Kisamos.

It first opened its doors back in 1960 when the owner of that time Dimitris Kavros converted the area around the water mill and the old inn to a taverna called “Keratas” (which means cuckold or someone with horns). The name comse from the fact that the inn used to be a quiet spot for cheating husbands and wives and the fact that the walls were decorated with animal horns that the owner sometimes wore to tease people.

Back in that time, the taverna became well renowned for its quality and it remains that way today. In 1999 it rewarded as the finest restaurant in Crete by the Greek Tourism Organization & one of the four finest in Greece.

In the courtyard there is the Venetian 14th century water mill and next to that, the inn, that offered its hospitality to the tired travellers. The old inn has been transformed to a marvellous interior with a decoration that is renewed everyday with materials derived from nature: fresh and drained flowers, fruits and vegetables (tomatoes, artichokes, huge coloured pumpkins, sculptured watermelons and more). The courtyard is a paradise filled with trees, some of each are perennial, scented plants and flowers.

The cuisine is cretan traditional and mediterranean. All of the dishes are prepared from carefully selected materials and cooked in virgin olive oil. We also have a big collection of carefully selected wines from the greek vineyards.